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I participated in a Thankfulness Challenge way back in 2011 {seriously, that was 5 years ago!}… and I wanted to do it again, a little differently this year, but wow! it’s November 1 today!

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Today: November 1: nov1_d31

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drawings for my {Sunday School} class

Recently it hit me that I could spill my journaling over into my Sunday school class!

I teach very sweet 4th & 5th grade girls. We have a curriculum, but it does not always include something to engage the children’s hands, which I find to be helpful sometimes. [I am not implying it is a necessary part of teaching Sunday school, only that I find it helpful for my teaching style 🙂 ]


I thought I might share a couple of the drawings/coloring pages with you all, in hopes that they might be encouraging or helpful.

For each picture, Right Click and SAVE LINK AS to download to color!

They are each set to print an regular 8.5×11 paper.

*These are free to you for personal use. Please print as many as you need to use in your own children’s classes at church or to distribute–freely--to whomever you please. I do ask that if anyone wants the digital file, you send them the link here 🙂 –-THANKS so much!

Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!

Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!


Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!

Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!


memorizing Scripture

Have you ever decided to consciously memorize Scripture but couldn’t figure out what verses with which to begin? I’m in the process of writing a guest post for a friend and these thoughts came up in my writing process…

I have a list in the front of my Bible that contains all the references we’ve tried to help our children memorize {I think we need to have a refresher though 🙂 the younger 2 haven’t been through them all yet!}.


I also looked around online and found a few lists {many verses overlapped with my own} and came up with a list of 27 separate verses and passages [2-4 verses] that are a great place to begin our memorizing Scripture journey.

I have created a page with just these verses typed out and a printable at the end from which you can print & cut apart each passage to keep in your purse or hang around your home… and I’ll be posting about that guest post when it happens, so you can head over there and read more about why it’s important to have verses and passages hidden in our minds and hearts!

go to verses to memorize page
go to “verses to memorize” page

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A coloring page… [FREE] for you! {1}

So, I know I said “next post” would be more from Psalm/James…

but because a friend asked… and my children like when I remember 🙂

And because I needed to draw another one since my original was made into a bookmark and given as a gift {to a very special lady 🙂 }…

I drew this as a gift for you.

If you download this, I would LOVE for you to leave a comment and let me know!!

Nehemiah 8-10-coloring

Right Click the image and SAVE LINK AS to download a print-ready-PDF

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a step-by-step {patience}

As I was sketching this one out, I had the idea to take a photo every few steps into the process and post them!

I don’t know if this will be a help to anyone trying to jump into Bible Journaling, but I pray so. 🙂

I apologize that it is all very light, but I sketch lightly in pencil to make erasing more simple.

First I wrote out the words, trying to figure out a pleasing layout [on a scratch paper]

you can see I started with just the first part of the verse…

pencil sketch1…but I realized that I really needed the whole verse….
Patience will leave me “wanting nothing”… that’s important!

pencil sketch2

Then I figured out margins… to help me stay on track and not get too close to one edge or the other.

I wanted flowers on both sides… so I needed to move everything over a little bit 🙂

Here’s my margins and word-guides drawn.


You can see some are wider than others… to accommodate the different sized letters I’d already sketched.

Then I lightly sketched the words… in this shifted over space:

wordsonlyIf you notice the bottom 2 lines… they shift even more when I pen them, because sometimes, that happens 🙂

I like those thin petaled flowers {though I’m not sure how realistic they are}:


They are just a small circle with thin petals coming out… I turn my page as I draw them to make it more comfortable for my wrist.

and sometimes, there are mistakes that won’t get penned 🙂

Then I drew large “blades of grass”

Lgrass Then I added other flowers: just long lines with circles lining it OR a swirly circle…

very simple, but has a fun look when you’re done.


on the swirly flowers I marked on the stem where I wanted it to stop when I penned over it

then I added a few flowers and “grass blades” on the other side:Rflowers

and some more lines that are smaller ‘grass’

and now the banner with the reference

{I have numbered them, but they will not appear in order–I apologize}:

You should be able to click each photo and see it larger

Just one more little detail, since the top seemed… empty:


just a swirly line, very simple

and here’s the finished pencil-sketch:

and… PENNED, with a Sharpie Pen

allpennedclose up of how the last 2 lines got penned a little differently than the pencil:

because sometimes, it's necessary

because sometimes, it’s necessary

here it is… all penned, erased and ready for coloring!

[you can download and color it for yourself!]


Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!

and all colored: finished

I would love to know if you found this helpful… and if you download and color your own! 🙂

And after you’ve colored it… you can share it on my FACEBOOK page or tag me on INSTAGRAM [@tascha @designing31]!!

EDIT to add: Here is what it looked like when I journaled in my Bible:



guest writing

Today, {well, actually last night 🙂 } I am a guest over on a friend’s blog.


Patty was one of my dormitory supervisors in college and was a great inspiration to me. I learned some valuable lessons watching her then, and I have greatly enjoyed learning of her life on the mission field of Ghana through her blog.

She is doing a series of posts of encouragement to moms about…

How to fill your cup when your hands are full

I have been blessed by her straightforward, honest manner. As momma’s we don’t really “get a break” yet we still need our cups filled–daily–by God.

But what does that look like?

It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” answer. I am honored to be guesting posting over there. I pray you’re blessed!

Leave a comment, and let us know you were there!

[There’s a free printable and a giveaway, too!]

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ADVENT Scripture Reading {free printable}


Tonight we will begin our traditional Advent Readings each evening as a family… including the entire traditional Christmas Story, which we read also on Christmas morning.

Our previous version of printed cards is several years old and was awkward to store, so I have redone all the cards to re-hang this year and thought I’d share them with you!

Do you have an Advent tradition in your family?

If you don’t, would you consider reading these prophecies with us?

{I would LOVE for you to leave a comment and let me know if you’re using this printable!} 

Here is a FREE download to cut apart and use however works for your family.

Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to print! [this is a 5 page PDF]

A few suggestions would be to print on card-stock and glue them to decorative paper or have your children decorate the back…


these Christmas number papers were in a paper-pack from the craft store….

…punch a hole in 1 corner and attach to a binder ring, trim just a bit on the ends and they will fit in a 3×5 card organizer, use small clips to hang on a twigs gathered in a vase (similar to creating a Jesse Tree*), or make a banner and decorate a wall with them!

* Isaiah 11:1 – And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: A Jesse Tree is often a few twigs tied together, a banner, an actual Christmas tree, or some other item on which you hang special ornaments or cards with Scripture Reading to learn about Jesus in the O.T. and read His story.

these are decorated mini-clothes pins already strung on twine...found at my local dollar-tree store

these are decorated mini-clothes pins already strung on twine…found at my local dollar-tree store

However you use them after printing them, my prayer is that reading these prophecies and their fulfillment as well as discussing the traditional Christmas Story will spark conversations with your family about Jesus, and possibly bring your children to want to know HIM personally if they do not already.


These are designed for family use, but please feel free to print an extra copy to use in your church’s childrens’ programs, perhaps directing other parents to my site for their own download? Thank you!


the original series: posted 5 years ago!