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-ANYONE CAN DO IT-inspiration for Bible [art] Journaling

A reoccurring sentiment that I am finding among some of my friends when they ask me about my Bible Journaling is “I’m not artistic–I could never do that.”

Well, I am going to tell you



please read on!

Last Thursday I ran across this lady’s Bible Art Journaling Challenge through her tutorials on YouTube.

I have been so blessed watching them —for 2 days! hehe

Her name is Rebekah R. Jones, and she began a weekly challenge in January–so there’s quite a bit to soak in. 

Each week she delves into different art mediums and techniques, from very detailed drawing and watercolors to paint “splashes” with stencils and stickers–there REALLY is a technique out there for everyone 🙂

If you feel you are completely non-artistic, as several of my friends are claiming when they talk to me about my journaling, here are a few of her tutorials that just a few $ of supplies will get you going:

{please don’t skip my NOTE at the bottom} 


click photo to go to her page of archived Bible Art Journaling Challenges

Joshua 1:9 Be BRAVE |uses die-cut letters and distress ink |on her blog

Psalm 98:4-6Shout Joyfully | music: uses stamps and stencils and watercolors |on her blog

Luke 24:49His Promise Remains | uses washi tape and alphabet stamps |on her blog

I have also enjoyed hearing/reading how the passages from each of her challenges speaks to her–because THAT IS WHAT this is ALL ABOUT!

{***NOTE: cutting your own letters or buying already die-cut letters, either can work!… and whatever selection of colors you can afford–OR just using a stencil and tracing the letters in pencil and coloring around them in a random pattern with colored pencils…

***I’m not trying to tell you to do exactly what she does… just that some of these techniques require no ‘artistic skill’ at all… And if you watch through her videos, you will find the reoccurring theme that since we are created in the image of a creative God, we ALL HAVE creativity… ALL of us 🙂

***Search Amazon for stencils and stamps–music is a reoccurring theme in Scripture, you’ll likely use them more than once. And an alphabet is definitely multi-use! AND, who doesn’t love washi tape? Probably only people who’ve never heard of it 🙂 ***}

Once you’r over on her blog or YouTube channel, visit around,
see even more techniques,
be blessed  and leave her comments!
I know she’d love it. 

yellow daisy2

I am going to try to jump in with her next challenge [she shares them on Tuesdays] and share what I create the following week….

I would LOVE to have you join in too--using your own preference of tools and just on plain sketch paper if that’s what works for you 🙂 It’s what I’ve been using!


…and I will still continue with my James Study, but will be slowing to only 1 post per week {though my actual study will be a little swifter, I cannot post as quickly as I study}.


drawings for my {Sunday School} class

Recently it hit me that I could spill my journaling over into my Sunday school class!

I teach very sweet 4th & 5th grade girls. We have a curriculum, but it does not always include something to engage the children’s hands, which I find to be helpful sometimes. [I am not implying it is a necessary part of teaching Sunday school, only that I find it helpful for my teaching style 🙂 ]


I thought I might share a couple of the drawings/coloring pages with you all, in hopes that they might be encouraging or helpful.

For each picture, Right Click and SAVE LINK AS to download to color!

They are each set to print an regular 8.5×11 paper.

*These are free to you for personal use. Please print as many as you need to use in your own children’s classes at church or to distribute–freely--to whomever you please. I do ask that if anyone wants the digital file, you send them the link here 🙂 –-THANKS so much!

Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!

Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!


Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!

Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!


A coloring page… [FREE] for you! {1}

So, I know I said “next post” would be more from Psalm/James…

but because a friend asked… and my children like when I remember 🙂

And because I needed to draw another one since my original was made into a bookmark and given as a gift {to a very special lady 🙂 }…

I drew this as a gift for you.

If you download this, I would LOVE for you to leave a comment and let me know!!

Nehemiah 8-10-coloring

Right Click the image and SAVE LINK AS to download a print-ready-PDF

And after you’ve colored it… you can share it on my FACEBOOK page or tag me on INSTAGRAM [@tascha @designing31]!!


a step-by-step {patience}

As I was sketching this one out, I had the idea to take a photo every few steps into the process and post them!

I don’t know if this will be a help to anyone trying to jump into Bible Journaling, but I pray so. 🙂

I apologize that it is all very light, but I sketch lightly in pencil to make erasing more simple.

First I wrote out the words, trying to figure out a pleasing layout [on a scratch paper]

you can see I started with just the first part of the verse…

pencil sketch1…but I realized that I really needed the whole verse….
Patience will leave me “wanting nothing”… that’s important!

pencil sketch2

Then I figured out margins… to help me stay on track and not get too close to one edge or the other.

I wanted flowers on both sides… so I needed to move everything over a little bit 🙂

Here’s my margins and word-guides drawn.


You can see some are wider than others… to accommodate the different sized letters I’d already sketched.

Then I lightly sketched the words… in this shifted over space:

wordsonlyIf you notice the bottom 2 lines… they shift even more when I pen them, because sometimes, that happens 🙂

I like those thin petaled flowers {though I’m not sure how realistic they are}:


They are just a small circle with thin petals coming out… I turn my page as I draw them to make it more comfortable for my wrist.

and sometimes, there are mistakes that won’t get penned 🙂

Then I drew large “blades of grass”

Lgrass Then I added other flowers: just long lines with circles lining it OR a swirly circle…

very simple, but has a fun look when you’re done.


on the swirly flowers I marked on the stem where I wanted it to stop when I penned over it

then I added a few flowers and “grass blades” on the other side:Rflowers

and some more lines that are smaller ‘grass’

and now the banner with the reference

{I have numbered them, but they will not appear in order–I apologize}:

You should be able to click each photo and see it larger

Just one more little detail, since the top seemed… empty:


just a swirly line, very simple

and here’s the finished pencil-sketch:

and… PENNED, with a Sharpie Pen

allpennedclose up of how the last 2 lines got penned a little differently than the pencil:

because sometimes, it's necessary

because sometimes, it’s necessary

here it is… all penned, erased and ready for coloring!

[you can download and color it for yourself!]


Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!

and all colored: finished

I would love to know if you found this helpful… and if you download and color your own! 🙂

And after you’ve colored it… you can share it on my FACEBOOK page or tag me on INSTAGRAM [@tascha @designing31]!!

EDIT to add: Here is what it looked like when I journaled in my Bible:



still here…

So, I’m still here.

Sometimes I post a thought on Facebook, and recently I came across an blog post from Time-Warp Wife in which she introduces the idea of Bible Journaling to her readers. It is not a “new concept” but the way she spoke of it struck a chord with my heart.

Now, I do not have a Journaling Bible as of yet, but I am looking around before making a decision on which one I want to get. Until then, I have been journaling in…. {wait for it….} a journal. 🙂

photo (14)I was given this beautiful little notebook a couple of years ago and it was simply too ornate to just write random thoughts in, so it has been gathering dust {like THAT’s what ornate journals are for?? anyway, back to the story} on my bookshelf. 

As of now, it is where I am collecting random verses that speak to me, either from personal reading or church or even social media. I am thankful for my friends that post Bible verses that have spoken to them!

Some of you know that I already enjoy combining graphic design with Bible verses, and this just pushed me out of my element to try to DRAW my thoughts.

20150702-untitled shoot-005

It has been so relaxing–I’ve “lost” several hours working on a few of my projects. 🙂

Each entry takes on a life of it’s own over the course of a couple of days. I sketch on scrap paper. I do a nice sketch in which I trace and color on drawing paper. Then I redraw the whole thing into my Journaling book.

20150702-untitled shoot-008

I’ve made some of them into bookmarks with very simple backing. I’ve contemplated doing simple frames with some of them. My book currently has 11 pages filled.

For those on Instagram, you can follow others who are participating in Bible Journaling by the # drawingcloser. I’ll be adding a new page on this blog to add my Bible Journaling to as I do more.

20150702-untitled shoot-003


I hope to actually write posts about some of the verses and how they spoke to my heart and why I did an entry with them, but for now, I pray they can be a blessing “as is.”


you can now find my Bible Journaling {#drawingcloser} page here.

it’s a process {#drawingcloser} [~1~]

I have had a few requests via comments and private messages {on facebook} asking how I do this “Bible Journaling” so I thought I would do a blog post about it. [I may break it into a couple of posts, but I’ll post them quickly 🙂 ]


First of all, I must get this out of the way. I have not ever been an artist. I drew a few things {like lighthouses and fences, which have straight lines for which I could use a ruler! lol and I loved drawing big swirly flowers on cards} as a kid. It was fun, but I never felt like an artist and it did not really extend past my high school years. College years were not conducive to being very artistic with drawing, though I did make mini bulletin boards for a teaching class…

anyway…. All of that to say, this is a VERY new venture for me–as in, less than a month. There are bloggers and instagramers {find me here!} out there that have been doing this for much longer.

So, I was first introduced to this concept via TimeWarpWife Share and her blog post: I’m Writing a Legacy Letter, But It’s Not What You Think.

summer 2015-187I read it as soon as it was published, as I subscribe to her blog; but I just let it kinda sit in my heart for a while. Then I started talking to my husband about what I thinking: I wanted to do this!

It was not really that I wanted to leave a book for my kids one day {though that could be a wonderful benefit}, but I wanted to create a memory with my kids. And I wanted to have a journal [maybe, possibly, a Bible one day] that would be very personal to me, that my kids could also glean a glimpse into the heart of there mom one day.

untitled-13-2My very first sketch was … experimental.

I was on style-overload 🙂 having watched youtube videos and scoured blogs of other journalers.

Then I tried some color and an actual picture.

I was having fun!

Then I made a facebook album of a few pictures I and my kids had drawn {I want them to enjoy the Bible!} and a few people were encouraging. But I’d already caught the bug, so to speak. 🙂

Before this, I would read my Bible. I would pray that certain things God spoke to me would… stick… in my heart. And He has been changing me over the years.

But this type of journaling has opened up an avenue that just brings out some creative juices that were lying dormant [apparently]. And it simply makes my heart happy. Now, I know that Bible study is not necessarily for creating “happiness” but through studying Leviticus at Prayer Meetings at church has shown what true happiness is! –it’s becoming Holy, like HIM… and that is the purpose of Bible study anyway. 🙂

20150702-untitled shoot-002

After a few random verses that I love, I decided to work my way through Proverbs during the month of July {2015}… I do not do it on Sundays and while I do read every day, if I do not get to the journaling part, it’s OK! I had to tell myself that upfront–or I would obsess about it. 😉


More on my process… soon!

IMPORTANT! Please remember that this… Bible Journaling… is an expression of your joy and love in studying God and His Word. Comparison is a joy robber! I look at my pictures and find all the flaws… then others look at them and see the beauty in the colors and words that touched my heart. This is about our hearts, not our artistry.

And you might enjoy reading this post by Time-Warp Wife