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drawingcloserSo, fonts and letters….

There are SO many ways to write letters to convey a thought. Many journalers simply use their normal script or print writing with color drawn over or a nice picture-there are some seriously talented people out there {remember I told you I always find the flaws in my own drawings? I try NOT to compare 🙂 }.

I’m going to post a few videos I watched. I do not have a wide variety of lettering yet. And others out there are just really good and have graciously created videos about them.

In this one, she talks a lot about her supplies for about 2 minutes. They are great supplies {that I cannot afford yet}, but just before 2 minutes she begins talking about the anatomy of letters and combining fonts.

and another: In this one she talks a lot in the first 2 minutes [seems to be a theme]… it’s informative, but I found after the 2:15 time marker to be more interesting 🙂

This one showed fun ways to mix fonts and talked about deciding which words to emphasize before beginning.

and the last one for now… She talks about layout and mixing font styles very well.

So, if these inspire you to get started, I’d LOVE for you to tag my in Instagram {tascha@designing31} or post a comment on facebook.com/designing31! If we are RL [real life] friends, feel free to tag ME on facebook 🙂 Just grab some paper and you’re kids colored pencils and get started! 🙂

{this concludes my posts about how I do “Bible Journaling” but please join me on facebook or instagram!

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and here’s one last post by Time-Warp wife with a few videos she’s done!


and…. one last thing. Since I do not have an actual Bible for the purpose of journaling, I haven’t really done anything in my Bible… but I did do this one. And I may do a few more while I’m waiting 🙂


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