As promised, I’m getting this one out quickly after my last post. 🙂

IMPORTANT! Please remember that this… Bible Journaling… is an expression of your joy and love in studying God and His Word. Comparison is a joy robber! I look at my pictures and find all the flaws… then others look at them and see the beauty in the colors and words that touched my heart.



So, I have long enjoyed the “doodle art” that I found out is called “zentangles”and “zenspiration” and it has quite a following, though I just discovered it about 3 weeks ago. It looked complicated at first, but it’s really simple.

This is one I did while watching videos [here’s a good one to begin with] about it:untitled-31

Then I did it again… in a small journal I had and decided to use for this {you can find a few differences… I do not replicate well}:

20150702-untitled shoot-003

This was fairly simple as it is just lines criss-crossing over the page and then you go back and add doodling inside…. I found inspiration for  the birds on Pinterest 🙂 …

After I’ve completed my Bible reading, I think about a verse that stood out… or sometimes 2 or 3. I look at them again and just close my eyes and try to see what these verses mean to me. Some verses do not have a simple image… I’ve just done different fonts and maybe swirly lines or a scroll.


Often, this is accomplished before children wake up, but not always 🙂

I usually pencil mark the verse and try to just think about it during the morning. In the afternoon, I may try to do a rough sketch of word layout or find an image to study online.

Sometimes I am able to try to draw it before supper; other days I do not reach this stage until after the kids are in bed.

And what I love about this is… it gives a different way to keep a verse or passage in my mind —all day.

20150702-untitled shoot-010

more soon…

another post you might enjoy by Time-Warp Wife… she talks about her supplies and offers a free printable.


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