The best book is the Bible. It's words show us Jesus. It convicts and teaches and restores our soul. The more I read of it, the more I want to read.Yet there are times I relish leisure. a fun story. a researched historical novel. a good mystery.and other times, I like...

when things go wrong

I thank God for His hand in my life. Not everything that occurs in this world is THE will of God [there is always the sin factor], but nothing happens without His knowledge. And He CAN work EVERY situation for my good.And I am so thankful. Likewise the Spirit also...

something modern

Today, I am thankful for my refrigerator. If it were not for the ability to consistently keep foods cold, we could not have leftovers! and I would have to cook today. I love cooking, but after yesterday I am very thankful to be able to simply reheat foods! A...

a goodly heritage

The Lord has blessed me above even comprehension. I was not born into a Christian home, but my parents were saved when I was young. Their salvation led to my own at a young age. And my earliest vivid memories are from being at church. in Sunday School.  I attended a...

a cheesy smile

I love when my kids give those cheesy grins for pictures. They know they are cute!My youngest daughter has the cheesiest smile of all my girlies. and I love it! She loves her big sisters. She is so cute when she whispers, trying to be quiet while her baby brother...

the little teacher

My 7 yo daughter, Kyria [pronounced like Syria], enjoys reading to her younger sisters [ages 3 & 4]. She plays school with them on the weekend and teaches them letters and numbers.She tries to make them understand how to add. She explains the intricacies of organizing...


Today I am embarking on an endeavor that seems a little overwhelming to me [and which I will blog about only as the Lord leads]. but I have family and friends who are sure I can accomplish my goals and are praying and supporting me. I even have a friend who is going...


During the school year my church has a ladies meeting one evening a month [we take a break through the summer months].We read missionary letters. which can help us pray better for them.We have a project. This month was Thanksgiving baskets for the older members of our...


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I’m Tascha...learning about God & life, Biblical womanhood, friendship, natural health & nutrition, photography & graphic design and most recently Bible Journaling! ~~It’s a fun ride, and I hope you will enjoy the glimpse you can spy through this blog.~~


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