Being the women God wants us to be is more than just learning to cook and clean and take care of children. While as a wife and mother I do those things every day, several times and for many hours, and they are very important, they do not define who I am to God.

Woman was created to help man. She is His Gift {for him}, and this is a heart issue. 

As I struggle and learn {and then struggle and learn. again.} I pray that writing down some of my thoughts and realizations about God and who He is can be an encouragement to whomever visits and reads these ponderings.

me & my babies [2014]

me & my babies [2014]

Hi. My name is Tascha, and my personal journey with the Lord began when I was a small child. I trusted Christ {learn more about this here} {& here} as my Savior at the age of 4 and learned much in Sunday school and from my mother.

As I got older, I did not stay close to the Lord through personal study and this caused confusion and sin in my life. During my junior year in college I got ‘reassurance’ of my salvation, but it really was just that: a reassurance. I was already a child of God, and his chastening brought me back to Him.

I began my journey as a wife in 2003 [just after college graduation], but everyday I realize how much farther this journey must take me before I reach the end.

I began my journey as a mother about 2 months later, and our firstborn [K] came into our arms in April ’04.  Our next 3 blessings were born in April ’07 [A], October ’08 [M], and June ’11 [C].

This journey as parents is a blessing and a conviction each and every day!

My personal musings are simply thoughts and verses that have struck me through individual study or attentive listening in church {not always an easy task with small children}.

I have {mostly} been a stay-at-home-mom, learning about God & life, womanhood, friendship, nutrition, needle-work, natural health, photography & graphic design!

Some days I stay on track. Some days I do not. Some weeks I may post several thoughts. Some months I may not post at all. Often I share {{from the archives}} on my facebook page!

Such is my life in the ‘on track’ – ‘off track’ swing. It’s a fun ride, and I hope you will enjoy the glimpse you can spy through this blog.

my man & me

my man & me


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