Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.

Proverbs 31: 29

When I read this verse, my initial thought is that at this praise culminates her life. In the next verse we will see the woman that is praised first fears the Lord.

The writer [we know is God, but through Solomon, here praising the woman his mother taught him to seek out] says that many woman strive for this and do virtuously: have strength and honor and valor in their daily life; but he felt his mother excelled above them all! I would venture to say that this is Solomon calling his mother blessed, as the previous verse speaks. Do you remember who his mother was? This just reminds us that, while others may define us by a single act in sin, God can see the goodness of His Son wiping our blotted record away.

This is not to say we cannot excell because “this” woman excelled above all!

This is to encourage us to continue pressing on so that our own family will see God’s love in our life and know that any goodness is from HIM working in us… as He will in them.

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