I’ve seen several different series online with challenges to pray for our husbands with PURPOSE each day.


Beginning tomorrow I will be posting specific areas to focus our prayers for “31 days of Praying for our Husbands” that will end on February 14. 🙂 [And I am approaching this challenge from the viewpoint of believing my husband to be a believer/Christian, not unsaved.]

These prayer prompts will definitely be as much a conviction to my own heart as they will be an encouragement to my husband’s; but I know I need it! How can I grow into what God wants me to be if I’m not willing to change also? I’ll be praying for my own heart and humility during this time of praying for my husband! 

And I am gaining my inspiration specifically from some notes my sweet preacher’s wife gave to us ladies at church a while ago… with a challenge to be on purpose in praying for our husbands. While I do pray for my man every day, I often lack focus in those prayers. SO, this is to bring my thoughts and spirit into a focal priority in prayers for the man to whom God is letting me be a help-meet; and I’m sharing it with you!

Have you ever done a Prayer Challenge
for praying for your husband? 

If so, please comment on how it impacted you!

If not, let’s do this together!!  

praying for husband



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