A reoccurring sentiment that I am finding among some of my friends when they ask me about my Bible Journaling is “I’m not artistic–I could never do that.”

Well, I am going to tell you



please read on!

Last Thursday I ran across this lady’s Bible Art Journaling Challenge through her tutorials on YouTube.

I have been so blessed watching them —for 2 days! hehe

Her name is Rebekah R. Jones, and she began a weekly challenge in January–so there’s quite a bit to soak in. 

Each week she delves into different art mediums and techniques, from very detailed drawing and watercolors to paint “splashes” with stencils and stickers–there REALLY is a technique out there for everyone 🙂

If you feel you are completely non-artistic, as several of my friends are claiming when they talk to me about my journaling, here are a few of her tutorials that just a few $ of supplies will get you going:

{please don’t skip my NOTE at the bottom} 


click photo to go to her page of archived Bible Art Journaling Challenges

Joshua 1:9 Be BRAVE |uses die-cut letters and distress ink |on her blog

Psalm 98:4-6Shout Joyfully | music: uses stamps and stencils and watercolors |on her blog

Luke 24:49His Promise Remains | uses washi tape and alphabet stamps |on her blog

I have also enjoyed hearing/reading how the passages from each of her challenges speaks to her–because THAT IS WHAT this is ALL ABOUT!

{***NOTE: cutting your own letters or buying already die-cut letters, either can work!… and whatever selection of colors you can afford–OR just using a stencil and tracing the letters in pencil and coloring around them in a random pattern with colored pencils…

***I’m not trying to tell you to do exactly what she does… just that some of these techniques require no ‘artistic skill’ at all… And if you watch through her videos, you will find the reoccurring theme that since we are created in the image of a creative God, we ALL HAVE creativity… ALL of us 🙂

***Search Amazon for stencils and stamps–music is a reoccurring theme in Scripture, you’ll likely use them more than once. And an alphabet is definitely multi-use! AND, who doesn’t love washi tape? Probably only people who’ve never heard of it 🙂 ***}

Once you’r over on her blog or YouTube channel, visit around,
see even more techniques,
be blessed  and leave her comments!
I know she’d love it. 

yellow daisy2

I am going to try to jump in with her next challenge [she shares them on Tuesdays] and share what I create the following week….

I would LOVE to have you join in too--using your own preference of tools and just on plain sketch paper if that’s what works for you 🙂 It’s what I’ve been using!


…and I will still continue with my James Study, but will be slowing to only 1 post per week {though my actual study will be a little swifter, I cannot post as quickly as I study}.


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