As I was sketching this one out, I had the idea to take a photo every few steps into the process and post them!

I don’t know if this will be a help to anyone trying to jump into Bible Journaling, but I pray so. 🙂

I apologize that it is all very light, but I sketch lightly in pencil to make erasing more simple.

First I wrote out the words, trying to figure out a pleasing layout [on a scratch paper]

you can see I started with just the first part of the verse…

pencil sketch1…but I realized that I really needed the whole verse….
Patience will leave me “wanting nothing”… that’s important!

pencil sketch2

Then I figured out margins… to help me stay on track and not get too close to one edge or the other.

I wanted flowers on both sides… so I needed to move everything over a little bit 🙂

Here’s my margins and word-guides drawn.


You can see some are wider than others… to accommodate the different sized letters I’d already sketched.

Then I lightly sketched the words… in this shifted over space:

wordsonlyIf you notice the bottom 2 lines… they shift even more when I pen them, because sometimes, that happens 🙂

I like those thin petaled flowers {though I’m not sure how realistic they are}:


They are just a small circle with thin petals coming out… I turn my page as I draw them to make it more comfortable for my wrist.

and sometimes, there are mistakes that won’t get penned 🙂

Then I drew large “blades of grass”

Lgrass Then I added other flowers: just long lines with circles lining it OR a swirly circle…

very simple, but has a fun look when you’re done.


on the swirly flowers I marked on the stem where I wanted it to stop when I penned over it

then I added a few flowers and “grass blades” on the other side:Rflowers

and some more lines that are smaller ‘grass’

and now the banner with the reference

{I have numbered them, but they will not appear in order–I apologize}:

You should be able to click each photo and see it larger

Just one more little detail, since the top seemed… empty:


just a swirly line, very simple

and here’s the finished pencil-sketch:

and… PENNED, with a Sharpie Pen

allpennedclose up of how the last 2 lines got penned a little differently than the pencil:

because sometimes, it's necessary

because sometimes, it’s necessary

here it is… all penned, erased and ready for coloring!

[you can download and color it for yourself!]


Right Click and SAVE LINK AS and you can download to color!

and all colored: finished

I would love to know if you found this helpful… and if you download and color your own! 🙂

And after you’ve colored it… you can share it on my FACEBOOK page or tag me on INSTAGRAM [@tascha @designing31]!!

EDIT to add: Here is what it looked like when I journaled in my Bible:



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