Just some random, not necessarily earth-shattering, thoughts from my 10 years being “Mom”…

1. “little people” are not “small adults”–their minds are truly a blank canvas and must be written on carefully.


2. I will never be ‘too grown up’ to need to apologize for doing wrong. {No one is!}

3. Attitudes are everything in the home.

4. I’m not quite as mature as I think I am. 🙂

me & my babies [2014]

5. No one is ever too old to play in the dirt with a child… or just play in the dirt if that’s how you roll.

6. While crumbs on the floor bother me, they do NOT bother the child I am reading a book to.

my babies

7. Food that is yummy is better than food that is pretty.

8. Batteries can be removed from new toys and the packaging reassembled… if you’re VERY careful.

9. New toys do not matter as much as some brightly colored paper and a box.

10. Nothing can pull the heartstrings of a momma quite like a mischievous grin from her little boy.



What have you learned from being Mom? 



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