I cannot help but PRAISE THE LORD for HIS goodness!

Recently my family endured some unexpected and abrupt changes. In searching out God’s direction for us, we have listened to several different preachers in the last few months.

It has been amazing to have God teach me a truth personally and then go to a church service [or listen online] and have it re-iterated to me from a different persepective.

God is just GOOD like that!

One such truth is that….

God’s delays are NOT the same as God’s denials;

the IMPOSSIBLE is done in a DIVINE timing!

God knew what would happen. He knew why and allowed it.

{{Sometimes He allowes things that no one understands just to try our faith.}}

God has become more real to me in the last 6 months than I have ever known… and, honestly, I felt close to Him before that. I talked to Him daily, hourly, as if He were actually right there with me–since He is. 🙂

But I still occassionally worried about little things, like money 🙂 desiring more space for my kids to grow in our house, eating healthier… just little things, that require money.

Then we had no income.


And there had never been ‘enough’ before, so there was no savings to fall on… we lived paycheck-to-paycheck, with God filling in the gaps… somehow… every month a miracle.

But God’s timing IS divine.

All that previous stretching pennies proved to me that He could take care of us…

And He did.

There is absolutely no way around saying that.

He —GOD ALMIGHTY—literally paid our bills for 4 months. 

And this has brought Glory to Himself in our family!

And honestly, I have never felt MORE peace than I did those months.

I still feel it now…

Because HIS divine time has provided my husband with a new job.

HIS divine time has brought us to a new family of fellowship.

His divine time has introduced us to new friendships to develop.

His divine time has taught me that:

Jesus SPECIALIZES in the impossible!

Because it brings glory to himself!

praise the Lord

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