I try to link or post something on facebook a few times a week and if you come to the homepage here {those reading via their e-mail}, you can see what was recently posted on my facebook page on the sidebar!

But for those who may not do that often, here are a few thoughts and links from the recent days:

~~I shared a post from Time-Warp-WifeClose

–an excellent post about staying involved in his life!

{and how sometimes, WE just need to make the first move!}


~~a status update from Monday:
**** note to self: never assume that just because you no longer see the food it is actually eaten…. just found a breadstick amidst some books on my bookshelf. the last time we had breadsticks was over a week ago. haha {saving for later?—my children are crazy :)}


~~shared this photo from another page:

pretty much …  :/ Though I add some cleaner to the water all over the place before I give it a good wiping on my hands & knees.


~~And finally, a great post by Mrs. Peggy over on


      A Greater Respect

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