I pray everyone rang in the new year safely and surrounded by loved ones!

{The actual ringing in found me sound asleep, but safe, and in my home with loved ones!}


The New Year here marks the official dropping of my old blog and writing exclusively for this new address.


I must admit, I still wish I had the time and mental acuity to type a post every day. I truly admire those who do it. But, that will not be happening any time soon!


As the old year came to a close, I began pondering just what DID I want to accomplish this next year {now THIS year!}.

And I came to the conclusion that I was not going to make any “year resolutions.”

I have read much in the past 2-3 days of why to or why not to make “New Year’s Resolutions.”

But my own adventure towards what I desire from this year came when I realized… that truly,

every day is a fresh beginning.

newyear2Of course, a new year is a BIG new beginning; but if I confine myself to only beginning anew at the beginning of the year, I will continue to fail-by today–the second day of the new year!

Because I’m human. I have many excuses in my repertoire… and I am a firm believer in: life is what happens after you make plans!

So, my “New Year’s Resolution” is to not have a YEAR’s resolution!

But to treat each day as a new beginning.

To approach the morning as a time of goal setting.

To approach the evening as a time of pondering.

To live intentionally and on purpose.

Instead of only making lists of what I want to accomplish [in vague general terms] on December 31 that would supposedly encompass an entire year, I will make lists multiple times a week-or however often I can remember!

And then accomplish tasks.

And complete goals.

And grow as a Christian-

in being a wife, mom, friend, sister and daughter.

A quote that struck me a couple of month ago {and I do not know the true origin as I found it on Pinterest} was:

The only person you should try to be better than is

the person you were yesterday.

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