The name Sarai, given as Abram’s wife in Genesis, is often referred to as meaning

“my princess.”

poster, Sarah

But upon further study and digging into the full meaning and its root -outside of the Hebrew, as it is not a Hebrew name-

it seems that Sarai meant “ruler, an official, a commander, etc.”

I can see why some might declare Sarai to simply be another name meaning “princess.” They look and sound similar. A princess is a ruler, of sorts.

But I heard of at least one commentary that identified this name as meaning “a domineering woman.” I found a study online as well as a commentary in my online Bible that indicate the same.

I tend to go with God changing her name for a reason…

and Sarah means “princess or noblewoman.”

How true is the first description of so many women!

To be brutally honest, any woman not completely controlled by God’s Holy Spirit becomes a domineering woman, whether she will admit to it or not.

scoldingThere are plenty of times I thought I was doing OK “on my own” and have looked back… to realize just how “not OK”  I really was. {and I am sure there are more than I can actually remember!}

These times of trying to be Godly in my own strength are futile.

Anything done in my own strength is futile.

And this, my friends, is the crux of the matter… the heart of my problem every day.

This woman was the same physical person after her name change as before. She had the same flesh and blood, the same needs.

What changed in her life was God.

God made a covenant, the promise of a son.

God made her to be Sarah.

She was a controlling wife who became a princess!



being crowned

She could do nothing to merit God’s favor.

Yet He gave it.

He made the covenant.

Only God can take my “Sarai”

and make me “Sarah”


I am a living Sarai… often trying to be Sarah on my own.

{You can read of Sarai/Sarah in Genesis chapters 12-49.}

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