Just last evening I found out about a challenge called 31 days of writing on one topic I thought: I should do that! It might get me back in the groove of posting more frequently… but, everyday? Can I do that? I mean, if I could, would I not already be?

But I have been contemplating recently that I really need/want to get back to why I started this blog: sharing how God is working in my own heart about being the woman God has created me to be!

So maybe… maybe it’s the jump-start I need! I never planned to blog every.single.day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t every once in a while.

I have had several different ideas of what/how to do devotional thoughts every day for a certain period of days, except I don’t blog on Sundays and rarely on Saturday-but I can get in a Saturday groove… and schedule for Sundays.

So I have decided to do a 31 days of be still and KNOW… because when I’m listening,  God touches me each and every day-right where I am in my ordinary life. My goal is to have something posted just after lunch each day.


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