ALL people have something about themselves – their personalities, their backgrounds, their abilities – that they do not like. Everyone has a tendency to concentrate more on the flaws and points of weakness than on the strengths.


Some things in life are givens. For example, you cannot change the family into which you were born, the nation in which you were born, your race, your physical stature and basic genetic code and so forth.  Certain physical weaknesses or disabilities cannot be changed. When you face these unchangeable things about yourself, you are wise to accept the way God made you. To do anything else is counterproductive. You need to assume God had a plan and purpose for every detail of your creation.

Some things in life are givens because of the state of the world in which you live. For example, you may not be able to do anything to alter the fact that your parents are divorced or that your children are divorced. But you can pray that the Lord will bring healing in you and your loved ones. 

In yet another area, elements of your personality can be changed. For example, you may think that you are jealous by nature. Let me assure you, envy is an acquired trait. You can ask the Lord to heal you of your jealousy and to help you to trust Him and, in your trust of Him, to trust others.

 How do you become healed?

–First, you identify the character or personality trait tha you know is displeasing to the Lord and ask Him to forgive you for allowing this trait to develop.

 –Second, you ask Him to heal you of this tendency.

 –Third, you give Him permission to do whatever He needs to do in your life to make you whole.

 –Fourth, accept with your faith that God is at work in your life and taht He will make you whole in His timing and according to His methods. 

God is merciful. He forgives. He heals. He enters with His divine presence any area of your life that you open up to Him.

I would encourage you to read I Thessalonians 5:23,24 and Jeremiah 18:3-6. 


written by Dr. Mike Rouse

used by permission

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