My 7 yo daughter, Kyria [pronounced like Syria], enjoys reading to her younger sisters [ages 3 & 4]. 
She plays school with them on the weekend and teaches them letters and numbers.
She tries to make them understand how to add.
She explains the intricacies of organizing toys and stacking pillows.
She loves order and enjoys setting things ‘just so’ -like setting the table for supper or stacking the silverware in the proper slots. putting clothes away in her drawers.

She loves to sing and often makes up her own songs about God and serving Him and loving Him. She loves Bible verse songs. and Patch the Pirate.

Kyria Esther
her name means the noble or elect [Christian] lady. shining light, star
She has excepted Christ. My prayer is that she learn to truly follow Christ with her life. She always wants to have tracts to hand out and her heart is soft and sweet towards those who are obviously not saved.
I thank God for making her my first-born.

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