Some days I get discouraged over the size of our house. I think, Lord, there are smaller families with larger homes than we have! I suppose this is an odd way to begin a thankfulness post. But, sometimes becoming thankful begins with being unthankful. and REALIZING it!
Today, I am thankful for our house.
because it IS OUR HOME.

We love each other and have fun together. here. [and there are so many people who have merely a fraction of the space we have.]

We have painted walls and decorated and organized. Many days it may look like a strong wind blew through. but they have names! {smiles} 

We have a roof that does not leak. 
We have walls with no holes where there should not be. 
We have doors that close and lock. We have glass panes in our windows. 
Every single child has her/his own bed. Hubby and I have a queen sized bed! We each have [at least] 2 blankets with which we can cover ourselves. 
We have a kitchen table. We have a pantry area-that is often full and rarely empty.
We have couches and lamps and dressers and STUFF to put in them. We have a working washer and dryer.
We have a HOME that is BIG because WE ARE TOGETHER. 

[and it will seem even bigger after we have another de-cluttering weekend. {smiles}]

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