our supper one evening last week:
 4 chicken breast [not even thawed!]
1 small can stewed tomatoes + 
1/2 cup green olives–pureed
1/2 cup water
on high for 4 hours
or low for 6 hours
[in a slow-cooker]
green bean sauteed 
with garlic and ginger and bacon bits
our FAVORITE way to eat them!
pasta tossed with excess sauce from chicken
 serve chicken and sauce over pasta
with green beans on the side
this plate belongs to my pickiest eater!
and then she had MORE
Sometimes when I grab the camera at supper, one of my girls will ask: Mommy, why are you taking a picture of our food? 
I just laugh and say I’m gonna share it on the blog. Then they laugh. They think it is funny that I show people pictures of our food. 
What does your family say when you take pictures of odd things?

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