I love my kids! Today I am especially thankful for my sweet, happy baby boy! He has adjusted to the ‘time-change’ beautifully, soothing himself until the right time for me to get him up [though I did get him a few minutes early by the clock].
He only complains when hungry or soiled. and loves to see his momma’s face. He gets extra excited to see his daddy.
He has the most infectious smile and when he’s happy, his whole body gets into it.
I love you, my sweet buddy-man!
edited to add:
Corban Malachi. 
his name means the messenger dedicated to God.
I do not know what he will do as his job when he grows up, but my prayer is that he always proclaim God. no matter his livelihood.

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updated to add…. TODAY I’M ONE [June 13, 2012]

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