semi-done for 2 1/2 months
And now I have FINALLY finished it!

long[ish] screws with caps on them
for the hair bands and elastics
{I have no idea where to acquire them as they were just in our stash of odds/ends}

double ribbon for hair pins
one strand ribbon for smaller clips

tied to very small screws

small clips {smiles}
fewer empty spaces now!
it hangs from a hook at the top of their bedroom door 
as I do not want to put a hole in the door 
and there is not really any wall space available for it.
Just in time for making some Christmas bows.
EDITED to add [January 2012]: 
The head bands were having trouble staying on with the board since it is hanging on a frequently used door, so they now have a home in a basket, but all other clips and bows stay in their place when not in use!! YEAH

Please also  

check out these two ladies shops 
if you need some bows!  

[Tell them Tascha sent you. 
I am not compensated, I just want to know if they get business from this post!]

Rachel’s Ribbon Candy

Chic Made Cheap

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