I suppose I should make a list of the things I wish to share as being thankful for this month. They run through my head all day and some of the night, and then when I wish to actually type them out, my mind is blank and full of rushing thoughts by turn.
So. today I am thankful that this challenge has put my mind in a state of constantly thinking about what I am thankful for. 
A few times a week I have been making my own list of 1,000 gifts [inspired by Ann]: ordinary blessings. 
Our family has also been learning [all of us] about being THANKFUL. and I have a posts specifically about that for later. and not just being thankful, but HAVING a SPIRIT of THANKFULNESS. It needs to permeate my very being. It can be a slow and painful process for fully-grown, set-in-our-ways adults. but children are still moldable. and I pray we can all be changed and reshaped by this process.

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