but NOT for us! 
 the TRUTH about halloween

[I do not know anything about the author other than what is stated in this post, but she speaks the truth]. …. just something to think about since it is ‘that time of year’ again.
I have no desire to offend anyone by this post, but I have always been confused as to why Christians would participate in any way with halloween [all-hallows or hallowed {as in sacred} eve]. And above is an excellent post on that subject. I cannot remember ‘trick or treat’ing as a child. I may have [probably did] when very young, but my earliest memories of this ‘holiday’ are of my mother telling me it was not for Christians but for devil-worshipers [and this is what we teach our children]. The origins of this day {see link} promote the worship of darkness in darkness with evil and wicked being glorified.
holiday = holy – day …and this one is not for or about God in ANY way.
I also understand and realize that the main “Christian holidays” also revolve around pagan practices [Christmas & easter], but I am not going to go in depth about that right now. We have explained to our children [mostly the oldest right now] about the origins of Christmas and the fact that we really are NOT celebrating easter but Jesus’ Resurrection and are trying to incorporate that into our vocabulary-Resurrection Sunday, not easter Sunday. All of my children know from their earliest understanding that neither santa clause nor the easter bunny is real. 
I would love to hear feedback on how you handle halloween [as well as Christmas and easter/Resurrection Sunday]. We treat October 31st as any other normal day and have our regular activities, including family devotions, and go to bed at normal times. I have, several different years, even forgotten that the day WAS halloween because my God tells us [in context: speaking of being a NEW man in Jesus]: Neither give place to the devil. Ephesians 4:27.
[These are our pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch last year. I just took off the top and removed the seeds and as much flesh as I could while allowing it to still keeps its integrity. Then I places some fake flowers in an old jar and tied a ribbon around them-2 stacked on each other- to make a little welcome decoration outside our kitchen door. I lasted about 6 weeks before the pumpkins needed to be thrown away.]

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