taming the hair bows
a cork board with no home
[and extra ribbon]
lightly spray painted white
  [craft glue]
a pack of magnets
[from the craft store or walmart]

add hair bows

lots & LOTS of hair bows!
[going to put on pegs]
[to hang head bands and elastics]

And hang on the wall. Ours is not permanently hung anywhere yet, but it is very helpful for the girls to have a place that their bows BELONG. The decorativeness of it is just a bonus-that makes it FUN to put them away. oh YES!

AND, as you can see, we have plenty of room for MORE bows
-guess I’d better get busy. {{smiles}}
for hanging hair bands
[inspiration from another project]

[places to buy bows]
Rachel’s Ribbon Candy

Chic Made Cheap

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