How do you store your lids?

This is my ‘everything’ cupboard. It includes all plastic storage containers, baking dishes, plastic picnic plates, salad spinner, casserole dishes, hand mixer, and standing on the side are my cupcake pans and cookie sheets [hiding]. 
containers are stacked by shape
circle, square, rectangle

And then came the day when my lid drawer became a sippy cup/snack bowl drawer [when we had child # 3 on the way]. I tried to put all my lids in one container to sit in the cupboard-did not work. I may have tried some other ideas but really have no recollection of what they were-just that they didn’t work either. 

the shelf is only half the cupboard
(normal, I think)
$Tree ‘garment bags’

I had bought a couple packs since they were 2/$1,

and I was trying to get baby SOCKS under control [still working on that one]. And every time I opened this cupboard, I saw the door… and this wasted space above my bowls.

Something ‘clicked’ !
[in my head]

Some nails tapped in just enough to stay,
and I have lid holders. Attached to the doors. I can see into them, and crumbs can fall through [cuz who doesn’t have crumbs falling off the counter?]. And if they aren’t quite dry when they are put away… well, you know.
And they are sorted just as the stacks of bowls: one side is circles and the other side is square/rectangle.

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