Do you have a friend who could use an encouraging note? Did someone do something nice for you- or your child?

Why not make a note custom-chic with a unique envelope.

And your children can help!

Take an old calendar — or any pretty paper!enveolope1

something with really cool pictures

Open an envelope you have and trace it


{or  you can find a printable template HERE}

and cut a template. Score the dotted/folded lines,


Fold in the sides & add glue. Fold up the bottom to stick to the sides.


Allow it to dry for a few minutes [depending on the glue type used].

Add a letter [handwritten are the best!]; or write directly on the paper if it’s not an old calendar 🙂

Fold over top and glue or sticker it closed.envelope6

front view of unfolded template

front view of unfolded template

This kind of envelope can dress up even a piece of notebook paper ‘card’…

and it’s ready for a stamp!


Let’s hit those mailboxes with some REAL mail!!

And teach our children how to write a letter!

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