inevitably, you are saying “NO” to another. {and vice versa}

This is a principle my preacher has taught…  If you say “yes” to God, you are saying “no” to the world. If you say “yes” to the world, you are saying “no” to God.

That is just the way it goes.

You cannot have both. 

 when I said "yes" to him.... I said "no" to ALL others!

when I said “yes” to him…. I said “no” to ALL others!


you can’t.

I will leave you with this last thought (which is actually the thought that started this for me-lol): Revelation 2:4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou has left thy first love. {written to the church at Ephesus, as a reprimand}

In the margin of my Bible I have written: left: a conscious decision NOT an accident.

This church was not doing their good deeds out of love for their Lord. It had become tradition instead of ministry

And so it is with anything we choose to do each day. If I say “yes” to giving in and speaking harshly when upset then I say “no” to teaching my girls how to respond in a Christ-like manner.

If I say “no” to spending time with those people {acquaintance, friend, co-worker, whomever} whose attitude creates bitterness or complaining in my own heart, then I say “yes” to reaching for those who uplift me {and, in turn, I pray that I can uplift them and others!}

But it wasn’t an accident. 

There was likely one or two little decisions made that seemed good, but were not made in faith (asking God for His guidance). Thus, this conscious decision NOT to pray about something {or follow God’s leading however} led to their church as a whole leaving the first works {read verse 5} — thou has left thy first love.

9 1/2 years later....

9 1/2 years later….

As a challenge to myself, I am CONSCIOUSLY asking God to help me remember that He, indeed, wishes to be part of my everyday life… down to how I respond to spilt milk. And when I say “YES” to His direction…. I am saying “NO” to the folly that will creep in and fill my day otherwise.

{I knew these principles before and have applied them… but every so often I need that kick… you know where… to bring me back. again.}

anyone else there with me?



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